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Don't come if this is your first time here.

Chaha, who is that, deshi? The one who feels so lucky just because he found this page.
And who the hell would you be?
I don't have any name to tell someone who doesn't know it, deshi.
(If anything, I know you're a stuck up prick...!)
You're nothing but a fool who doesn't understand the meaning of "END 13".
"END 13"... Hey, isn't that the same number of available endings?
And that's what it means, deshi.
Everyone who thinks a guide is crap, just go back!
He... just said it out of nowhere like that!?
Well, regardless, this is just a short guide about "END 13" only.
I wonder if it's even a good one....
AND THEN, WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?! You also appeared on the Top Page, didn't you!?
Nevermind, it's just a robot passing by. I'll leave the rest to Picchu-kun.
Don't say my name like you know me, deshi.
So your name is Picchu-kun, huh?
Calling me by first name even if it's the first time we met... who do you think you are, deshi?
Shut up and keep talking, alright?!
Tsk, this boy must be a premature ejaculator.
It's easy deshi. Just see my ending 100 times and you'll get it, deshi!
Hm... from that expression of yours, I bet that's a lie.
Even if this guy is uncircumsized, I guess he can be pretty sharp, deshi.
The hint is... the Sound Effect you hear when the ending's number is displayed, deshi.
Sound Effects... doesn't that have 2 patterns?
Indeed deshi, and only when you get the flag will the sound change, deshi.
Mmmm... I guess I get it that the sound will change, but...
When you find an ending with a flag, you should save first, deshi.
Will that alone work?
It's just that you need to save at the time when the ending's number is displayed, deshi.
Because depending on the further endings you get, the flag might be gone deshi.
Wow, seriously!?
If the flag accidentally disappears, you can get it again by loading the save data, deshi.
And after you load it, you need to keep going and then go back to the title screen again deshi.
There won't be any point to that unless you do it this way.
This is so confusing....
Ah, and one last thing, "The first step is the same", deshi.
Huh? What does that mean?
Think about that yourself for a while. That's how it is, you smelly squid...
Well, yeah, I just ate a dried cuttlefish a while ago.
You know, I'll be in trouble now if you just keep quiet like that.
"The first step is the same." So I bet that means the second step is different.
Well, something like that, deshi.
You should cry tears of grattitude for the guide I have you, deshi!
Hey, to finish it can I make that sandbag face?

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