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A free game site for all ages.
  This game is a visual novel, so to advance in the game, you have to pick one choice amongst many.
  I made this to make you laugh and say "This is absurd...!"
  So, let me introduce you to this simple easy-going game, "Love Sniper".

The game should be playable in most platforms, but...
  We only have Windows to test it on. Sorry...!
  And as for an Android version..., well, we think that it would be nice if we can make one in the future.

The main goal of this game is to become the heroine's boyfriend.

At last, I can be the main character of a a galgame...!
Too bad it's a gag game instead...

First of all, let's introduce the main three characters.

  Heiji Akagi, this game's main character.

  Ageha Shirogane, this game's heroine.

  Noriko Midorikawa, a classmate of both characters. She is the class president and also Ageha's best friend.

The development tool used is Ren'py.

  • Windows 2000 + (x86)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 + (x86 and ppc)
  • Linux(x86,glibc 2.3+)
  The development OS is Windows XP.
  x86 is about a 32 bit machine.
  Which means the game supports 32-bit Windows from 2000 version and later.


  There's no text-only backlog implemented due to the system.
  Backlog system here will roll back the game itself entirely.

  • Left-Click or Enter : Moves the game forward and are also the 'confirm' buttons
  • Space : Skip the game's text
  • Ctrl : Skips the text while you press the button
  • Mousewheel-Up or PageUp : Roll back the game
  • Mousewheel-Down or PageDown : Move forward between the roll back feature
  • Right-Click or Esc : Display the Game Menu
  • H : Close the message window
  • F : Change the game to full-screen mode
  • Alt + F4 : Quit the game

  • >> : Skip the text
  • ~ : Close the message window
  • Display : 800~600
  • Voice : None
  • Endings : 13 (including the Bad End)
  • Play Hours for 1 route : 10 minutes (estimated)
  • Release Date : Coming Soon
  Background, BGM, Sound Effect and other materials are all from public domain materials.

  Planner/ Developer  B-dash Suisen
  • Original Author: Gekidan Morishi
  • Scenario: Bakufu
  • Original Illustrator: Gekidan Morishi, Bakufu
y Special Thanks! z

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  Also please consider that we might not be able to answer every last question, like extensive troubleshooting. Thank you.

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